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Here you will find our range of off grid power inverters. An off grid inverter is connected to a battery or battery bank and converts the direct current (DC) from the battery to alternating current (AC), the power from the battery can then be used for running most 230V electrical appliances. Modified Sine Wave Inverters work well with the majority of electrical appliances, however if you need to run more sensitive electronic equipment Pure Sine Wave (also know as True Sine Wave) are more suited. 

Pure Sine Wave (also known as True Sine Wave) inverters generate an output voltage wave form that has a very low harmonic distortion like utility-supplied electricity. This means they are more suited for sensitive electronic equipment, allowing motors to run faster, quieter and cooler, preventing computer crashes, noises & glitches in monitors, TV, Game consoles etc in short a Pure Sine Wave Inverter will provide a reliable power source for all electronic appliances & devices.

Modified Sine Wave (also known as Quasi Sine Wave) Inverters work well with 80% of electronic items and are the most economical, they will work fine for pure resistive loads, like lamps or heaters. and will also work well with pure inductive loads, like universal motors in mixers and blenders, however if these devices have electronic speed control this could be damaged. Devices that have transformers in their power supplies, Microwave Ovens, TVs, Computers etc. will run hotter and less efficient. 

Should you have any doubt about certain devices, tools or appliances we would recommend contacting the manufacturer to check if the item is compatible with a modified sine wave inverter alternatively choose a Pure Sine Wave instead.

Inverters R Us is a DC to AC power inverter super store located in Reno NV USA. We stock many different types of power inverters for almost any type of application. If you have a need for a 12V, 24V or 48 volt model, you have come to the right place as we have been selling them since 2003! We offer inverters for your home, car, fleet truck, boat, RV, camper, trailer, etc. which include off-grid , on-grid, grid tied and inverter chargers.  In addition we carry both modified sine wave and pure sine wave power inverters.

We carry the best cut to length battery cables on the market today, made by Spartan Power, who offers a fantastic Lifetime Crimp Warranty on all of their cables. Each battery cable set is Made in the USA using heavy duty UL listed cable, seamless cylindrical copper ring terminals and adhesive lined heat shrink which is exceptionally resistant to water, fungus, and UV light.  We have 4 AWG, 2 AWG, 1/0 AWG, & 4/0 AWG with lengths ranging from 1 to 20 feet, assembled with 5/6″ or 3/8″ ring terminals on both ends.

Other accessories such as ANL fuses, fuse holder kits, batteries and remote switches are essential for your system, and we have them…lots of them!


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