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AC Drives are devices for controlling motor speed by converting DC to AC. The emergence of AC Drives has improved productivity spectacularly and made a huge contribution to the development of the industry. Further, AC Drives have brought about a substantial change to our lives. For example, airflow from air-conditioners and fans can be regulated by changing motor speed. Thanks to AC Drives, we can keep a room at a comfortable temperature even in the hot summer and cold winter. The regulated airflow also reduces energy consumption, contributing to energy conservation. 


ACS 800

ABB industrial drives Single drives
ABB industrial drives are designed for industrial applications, The single drive configuration contains a rectifier, DC link and
and especially for applications in process industries such as an inverter in one single AC drive unit.
the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical,
and oil & gas. ABB industrial drives are available both as The single drives are complete AC drives that can be installed
complete AC drives and as modules to meet the requirements without any additional cabinet or enclosure. The single drives
of the users, OEMs and system integrators. These drives are are available as wall-mounted, free-standing and cabinet-built
highly flexible AC drives that can be configured to meet the constructions. The protection degree of the single drives is at
precise needs of industrial applications, and hence order- least IP21, and higher protection degrees are available as an
based configuration is an integral part of the offering. The option.
complete drives and drive modules cover a wide range of
powers and voltages, including industrial voltages up to Type designation
690 V. ABB industrial drives come with a wide range of built- This is the unique reference number that clearly identifies
in options. A key feature of these drives is programmability, your drive by construction, power rating voltage and selected
which makes adaptation to different applications easy. options. By type designation you can specify your drives from
the wide range of available options, customer specific ones
Industrial design are added to the type designation using the corresponding +
ABB industrial drives are designed with current ratings to code.
be used in industrial environment for applications requiring
high overloadability. The heart of the drive is DTC, direct Functional safety
torque control, that provides high performance and significant The ABB functional safety solution complies with the
benefits: e.g. accurate static and dynamic speed and torque requirements of the new European Union machinery directive
control, high starting torque and long motor cables. Built- 2006/42/EC. This directive is associated with standards
in drive options make the installation work fast and easy. like IEC 62061 (Safety Integrity Level) and ISO 13849-1
The robust enclosures and cabinets, with a wide range of (Performance Level), which require both a documented and
enclosure classes, as well as power terminals, are designed proven safety performance and lifecycle approach to safety.
for harsh environments. Safe torque-off (STO) is a certified solution offering SIL2 and
PL d (Cat.2) safety levels.
One of the most significant design criteria of ABB industrial
drives has been the long lifetime. Wearing parts such as fans ABB drives can be provided, as an option, with the safe
and capacitors have been selected accordingly. This means torque-off function. Safe torque-off (STO) can be used for
– together with extensive protection features – excellent the prevention of unexpected startup and represents a
reliability in the demanding industrial market. cost-effective and certified solution for basic safety. Other
safety functions for cabinet-built drives include Safe Stop 1
(SS1) and Safely-Limited Speed (SLS), which can be used to
achieve SIL2 or PL d (Cat.2) safety levels

ACS 355

ABB general machinery drives                                                           

The ABB general machinery drives are designed to be the           

fastest drives to install, parameter-set and commission. They      

are highly compact and cost effective. Equipped with cutting-   

edge intelligence and safety capability the drives are designed   

specifically to meet the production and performance needs of   

system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

and panel builders, as well as the requirements of end users      

in a broad range of applications.


ABB general machinery drives are designed to meet the

requirements of an extensive range of machinery applications.

The drives are ideal for food and beverage, material handling,

lifting, textile, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking



− Exceptionally compact drives and uniform design

− Quick commissioning with application macros and panel


− Safe Torque-Off function (SIL3 ) as standard

− Sensorless vector control

− Built-in braking chopper

− High protection class variants for harsh environments

A range of ABB general machinery drives with IP66, IP67 and Voltage and 3-phase, 200 to 240 V ± 10%
UL Type 4X protection classes is designed to excel in the power range 0.37 to 4 kW (0.5 to 5 hp)
3-phase, 380 to 480 V ± 10%
harshest and most demanding of conditions.
0.37 to 7.5 kW (0.5 to 10 hp)
Environmental limits, high protection class drive
Designed for the food and beverage, textile, ceramics, pulp
Ambient temperature -10 to 40 °C (14 to 104 °F),
and paper and water and waste water industries, the drives
no frost allowed
are suitable for screws, mixers, pumps, fans and conveyers
Degree of protection IP66/IP67/UL Type 4X, indoor use only
especially where the machine is exposed to dust, moisture IP69K with compatible cable glands
and cleaning chemicals. The heat sink’s cooling fins are Product compliance, high protection class drive
completely open from top to bottom, which allows easy Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC with supplements
washing to ensure no dirt adheres to the surfaces. A user Machinery Directive 98/37/EC
EMC Directive 89/336/EEC with supplements
control panel housed within a plastic window is designed to
Quality assurance system ISO 9001
resist moist and dusty atmospheres. Furthermore, the cooling
Environmental system ISO 14001
fan is located inside the drive, thereby eliminating the need for UL, cUL, CE, C-Tick and GOST R approvals
an external cooling fan and the subsequent maintenance of RoHS compliant
NSF Certified
external moving parts. The wall mounted drive can be located
DIN40050-9 (IP69K)
close to the process and the operator. The drive features the
assistant control panel as standard.
The drive’s hygienic design and use of materials meeting
current hygiene standards, means that the drive traps no
bacteria and can withstand frequent washing. The drive is
certified by NSF.

ACS 550

ABB general purpose drives Highlights
ABB general purpose drives are simple to buy, install, − FlashDrop tool
configure and use, saving considerable time. They are − Intuitive use with assistant control panel
widely available through ABB channel partners. The drives − Swinging choke for superior harmonic reduction
have common user and process interfaces with fieldbuses, − Vector control
common software tools for sizing, commissioning, − Coated boards for harsh environments
maintenance and common spare parts. − Built-in category C2 EMC filter (1st environment) as
Applications − Flexible fieldbus system with built-in Modbus and numerous
ABB general purpose drives can be used in a wide range internally mountable fieldbus adapters
of industries. Typical applications include pump, fan and − UL, cUL, CE, C-Tick and GOST R approved
constant torque use, such as conveyors. ABB general − RoHS compliant
purpose drives are ideal in those situations where there is a
need for simplicity to install, commission and use and where
customizing or special product engineering is not required.

ACS 150

Power range:
0.37 to 4 kW
Supply voltage:
1-phase, 200 to 240 V
3-phase, 200 to 240 V
3-phase, 380 to 480 V
Micro drives all over the world save energy in applications for pumps, fans, conveyors and machines. The ABB micro drives provide flexible mounting alternatives and straightforward configuration and they are very easy to install and setup. But there is an even bigger reason to choose ABB micro drives. You see, when you choose an ABB micro drive, you not only get all the clever things inside the drive. You also get everything outside it: the entire global ABB. After your drive has been delivered, the local ABB will be there to support you and your clients, wherever your machine is located.


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